SNACK ON TRACK: Healthy Snacks On The Go

by mrshutupandtrain on May 9, 2011

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We’re all busy so whenever we grab a bite to eat – even a snack – it’s has to be quick. Of course, all of the “quick” options are the unhealthiest (fast food, vending machines, etc.). But if you plan ahead and keep healthy food with you at all times, you can stay on track with your healthy lifestyle and snack accordingly.

Early on in the day (morning, early afternoon before lunch) keep your snacks around 200 calories, with ingredients from at least two food groups and high in protein (takes longer to digest). Of course watch your serving size. You only need enough to hold you over until your next meal.

To avoid added sugar and fat try making your snacks out of fresh ingredients instead buying already made snacks. And by keeping snacks on you, you avoid giving into junk food and maintain your healthy eating habits. Of course, healthy doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Put a spin on your favorite snack, pair two snacks you like together and try something you’ve never tried before. And even though you’re being healthy, be sure to give into cravings with a healthy twist. Try pretzels instead of chips, salsa instead of sour cream and frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.


Apples and peanut butter
2 domino sized slices of Colby or cheddar cheese
Fresh fruit smoothies
A handful of almonds (14 pieces)
1 cup of unshelled edamame

Wheat thins with avocado
3 ½ cups of air popped popcorn
¼ cup hummus, 3 carrot sticks
Whole grain granola with dried fruits
Greek yogurt with 2 tsp of honey

1 fat free pudding cup
½ cup of frozen yogurt with dried fruit

What are some your favorite healthy snacks?

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