30 Day Cardio Challenge: January 2013 Week 1 Overview

We hope you’re ready to make a commitment because here we go! You’ll receive an email each morning at 4am EST with that day’s details, but below is an overview for #30DayCC Week 1. If you need the details before 4am EST (international people), they will be uploaded to the website at the end of the previous night.

Please plan your week accordingly:

Day 1 – Monday, January 7th: Baseline Assessment (includes 1 Mile Run/Jog/Walk)
Day 2 – Tuesday, January 8th: The 5,4,3,2,1 Workout AND Late Night Abs
Day 3 – Wednesday, January 9th: Nutritional Challenge (5-6 Healthy Meals)
* See below for an explanation on how to eat clean
Day 4 – Thursday, January 10th: The Fuel Fit Blazer Workout
Day 5 – Friday, January 11th: The Power 1000 Workout
Day 6 – Saturday, January 12th: Active Day w/Family + Friends
Day 7 – Sunday, January 13th: Nutritional Challenge (Natural Foods Only)

Food/Exercise Journals: Remember to use the MyFitnessPal app to log your food and workouts throughout the duration of the Challenge.

Key Things To Remember:

  • People May STILL Join The Challenge: www.mrshutupandtrain.com/30daycc
  • No Alcohol, Fast Food, Fried Food, or Junk Food (Soda, Chips, etc.)
  • Drink Half Your Body Weight in Ounces of Water (We Recommend SmartWater)

How To Eat Clean

I can’t tell you exactly what to eat because they are too many variables for 50,000 people. But I WILL point you to an excellent guide.

Gracious Pantry has an awesome list for Clean Eating at www.thegraciouspantry.com/clean-eating/
*Thanks to Angie Byrd for submitting this