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Client Stories


“Ray has seen me at my worst, making me my best. I enjoy going to train with him every day knowing that I will leave one step closer to my goals. Ray has helped me change my life in ways I could have never imagined.”

Camille G.

``Hey Ray!! You have no idea how anxious I am to make it to Atlanta so I can train with you in person again! I'm working on trying to get there soon! Your 30 Day Cardio Challenge and daily posts have inspired me to live a healthier more active lifestyle! Thank you, and continue to use your gift to touch lives``

Carlan G.

“First, thank you for creating and offering this fitness program and your commitment to helping people get healthy! Really wonderful that you are sharing your gifts and making a difference.``

Erin V.

``As a former Division 1 SEC athlete, it’s been hard to find a workout class or personal trainer that keeps me challenged in pursuit of my goals or motivates me to set new ones. Ray and the SU&T workouts have done just that. Whether I’m focused on building total body strength, training for the NYC marathon, trying to shed body fat, and whatever comes next, the SU&T workouts are the backbone of my program and continue to help me push my limits.``