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May 2012

Der­rière, tush, bot­tom, back­side, rump, bum, don­key, pooper, booty, bub­ble or what­ever you call it… I’ve had a lot of ques­tions about train­ing your Glutes lately, so I wanted to spend a lit­tle time focus­ing on our favorite rear view. The main ques­tions were: How do you get a round butt? And… What are the best exer­cises for train­ing the glutes? First of all, you have to under­stand that if you have extra ‘stored energy’ (aka, body fat) there’s a good chance it’s hangin’ out on your back­side and hips (espe­cially if

This is an article about keeping your Abs right for the summer. "Not only is spring the season of renewal, it’s also the time to bump up your fitness routine in preparation for the upcoming beach body season! Winter has finally faded away, so take advantage of the sunshine and blooming flowers by getting out and getting active. Your body and belly will be more than ready for all of those barbecues, pool & beach parties coming up." To read the rest of the article Click here