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July 2011

Participants just need to sign up at or email their contact info to us at We are asking that you to forward this email to everyone you know and/or copy the following as your status on Facebook and tweet on Twitter. Lets work together to make the world a healthier place! Facebook: "I signed up for the FREE #30DayCardioChallenge w/ Rahman "Ray" Grayson and so should you. Check out the video," #LetsGetHealthyTogether Twitter: "Check out @shutupandtrain 's FREE #30DayCC Intro video, It's not too late to

If you've ever done one of my workouts or come down to the Fit Factory for a session then you have seen Erin Vanyo Brennan in action! In one word, she's a BEAST, so please vote her a Perfect 10 today! Erin is also featured in the Healthy is the New Sexy campaign! So please vote her a perfect 10 in the "Best Body in Atlanta" contest! Vote for Erin!

Whats up Fit Family, I know today is the 4th of JULY and to many people that means Fun, Fireworks and most importantly FOOD! If I have said it once I have said it a million times, "Don't live to eat, Eat to live!" Here is a list of some tips that will allow you to enjoy yourself without overindulging and feeling like you've ruined all of the hardwork you've been doing in the gym! Grilled vegetables make for a great entrée themselves, especially veggies with hearty flavors like portobello