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July 2012

The Dumbbell Demolition Total Body Workout consists of the following exercises: Advanced level - Work for 60 seconds & rest for 30 seconds Regular level - Work for 45 seconds & rest for 45 seconds Beginner level - Work for 30 seconds & rest for 60 seconds *Tip: Weights for dumbbells will vary depending on the exercise. If you're not able to keep good form, lower the weight and/or rest and then continue. 1. Travel Burpee Press - Keep eyes up, extend

This new workout consists of finding a park or going out in the yard. Also, you can get a group of friends or family or just do it solo. Some of the exercises can be challenging. If you feel you can't complete ALL of the exercises, attempts the ones you can tackle. As always, if you're a very beginner, you can do 30min of cardio. We just want you to be active! · 8 Min Warmup Jog · 25 x High Knees (each Leg) · 15 x Lunge twist (each leg) · 15-25 Lateral

One of the biggest myths about women and weight training is that you’ll get too big and end up looking like a man. But let’s face it; you’d practically have to be a man for that to happen. Women don’t naturally have enough testosterone to transform their feminine physiques into an incredible massive Hulk body. There is no risk of looking like the Terminator so put down that fear and let’s pick up some weights. Without some good resistance training like weight lifting and calisthenics in your routine, you could be