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What is the 30 Day Cardio Challenge?

The 30 day Cardio Challenge is the original vision of one of my clients, Tangie Larkin. My mission is to make the world a healthier place one body at a time. They say it takes 21 days to start a healthy habit. I’m going to push you one step further, we’re gonna go 30 days. We’re gonna have fun challenges, physical challenges, nutritional challenges teaching you how to eat right, and teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is a global initiative. We have over 11 countries and over 1000 participants. What we want you to do is be a support group for all of your people – make sure you’re checking on your people and make sure you’re following up. If you feel like a challenge is too hard for you, there will always be another alternative or another option. I just ask that you try the challenge before you turn to the alternative. We want to push you to new limits.

All the rules will be in your packet (we send you once you sign up). For the next month, alcohol is out, fast food is out, no fried food – we’re gonna eat clean, we’re gonna eat to live. I am gonna give you three cheat days. You can take those cheat days back to back to back. Do what you gotta do, but you only get three for the entire month. Drink half of your body weight of water in ounces. On Sunday, I’m asking you to plan out your week. Plan your workouts, plan your meals – planning is key. They say “proper preparation prevents piss poor performance”. Let’s go ahead and plan ourselves out, let’s plan a new healthy lifestyle. Ok, those are all the rules, that’s all the criteria. Let’s go! 30-day Cardio Challenge starts Friday, April 15! Sign up here.

30-day Cardio Challenge Rules:
No Alcohol
No Fast Food
No Fried Food
Drink 1/2 Body Weight of Water (in oz) daily
Plan out workouts and meals