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Workout Wednesday

#WorkoutWednesday – JUMP ROPE WORKOUT

This workout will test your speed and endurance. I want you to challenge yourself to see how fast you can finish, so you’ll need a timer (phone, watch, etc.).


Perform the following exercises as fast as you can…

Beginner Challengers

  • 500 Reps of Jump Rope
  • 100 Push-Ups
  • 100 Bicycle Sit-Ups (FYI: going to your left and right = 1 rep)

Advanced Challengers

  • 1,000 Reps of Jump Rope
  • 200 Push-Ups
  • 200 Bicycle Crunches (FYI: going to your left and right = 1 rep)

1) 500 Reps of Jump Rope | 1,000 Reps for Advanced
(Modified – Jumping Jacks)

2) 100 Push-Ups | 200 Reps for Advanced
(Modified – Modified Knee Push Up or Wall Push Up)

3) 100 Bicycle Crunches| 200 Reps for Advanced
(FYI: going to your left and right = 1 rep)

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Support #WorkoutWednesday

That was a great cardio workout, good job!