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Day 23 – Total Body Boxing Blast & Late Night Abs

Sunday’s Atlanta #30DayCC workout was CRAZY!! Check out the video! Is your city ready???

Today’s workout was designed my man LCFitOKC (on Instagram). Let’s go!

Video Explanation of the Total Body Boxing Exercises

For The Total Body Boxing Blast, Do The Following:

+ Start With 5 Minutes Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks

Advanced: Perform each exercise for 60 seconds & rest for 30 seconds
Intermediate: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds & rest for 45 seconds
Beginner: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds & rest for 60 seconds

Pace yourself and good luck!

Perform the following exercises:

1) Burpee Sprawl

2) Weighted Punch

3) Seated Bicycle Kicks

4) Squat Side Kicks

5) Plank Punch w/Opposite Leg Extension

6) Squat Knee Strike

7) Russian Twist Punch

That’s it for now, good job!!

BUT tonight before you go to bed we’re doing Late Night Abs!

Late Night Abs (Just Before You Go To Bed):

  • Beginners: Do 25 Crunches AND 25 Bicycle Sit-Ups
  • Intermediate Challengers: Do 50 Crunches AND 50 Bicycle Sit-Ups
  • Advanced Challenges: Do 75 Crunches AND 75 Bicycle Sit-Ups

1) Crunches

2) Bicycle Sit-Ups

Note: If you can’t finish, take a 15 second break then continue..

Great job, You finished!!