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Couples Cardio Core Challenge (Valentines Day Workout)

This is the Couples Cardio Core Challenge Video. The workout breakdown and details are below…

Couples Cardio Core Challenge Workout Breakdown

For each exercise you will complete 2-Sets and 14-Reps. For the warmup you will jump rope for 5 min (alternative 5 min jog).

1. Bicycles

2. Hip Raises

3. Plank Walk-Ups w/ Knee Tuck

4. Bench Commandos (side taps)

5. V-Sits

6. Elbow Core Twist

7. Lateral Bench Jumps or 30 Jumping Jacks

– No Picture –


8. Wheel Barrow Drops – No Partner try opposite arm/ opposite legs

9. Wheel Barrow Crawl Push Ups – 5 second crawl/5 Pushups 3 times consecutive. No Partner try “Bear Crawl/Push-Ups”

– No Picture –

After 1 set rest 60-90 seconds and then 2 minutes on the Jump rope.


If you really want a challenge go for 30 seconds on all exercises!!