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Dumbbell Demolition

The Dumbbell Demolition Total Body Workout consists of the following exercises:

Advanced level – Work for 60 seconds & rest for 30 seconds
Regular level – Work for 45 seconds & rest for 45 seconds
Beginner level – Work for 30 seconds & rest for 60 seconds

*Tip: Weights for dumbbells will vary depending on the exercise. If you’re not able to keep good form, lower the weight and/or rest and then continue.

1. Travel Burpee Press – Keep eyes up, extend foot flat & even with hand and engage core throughout this exercise.

2. Speed Skaters aka Azz Meats

3. T-Push-ups

4. RDL/Upright Rows – Keep shoulders back, feet shoulder width apart and dumbbells close to body on upright row.

5. Renegade Rows

6. Plank Kickbacks

7. Chest Fly/Heel Taps

8. Dumbbell Jump Squats

9. Tornado Jump Lunges

10. Core Twist Presses aka Pocket/Shoulders